Women in the Church: Submission or Equality? Priest Daniel Sysoev На английском языке

Издатель :  Daniel Sysoev Inc. / New Jersey
Гриф ИС / Благословение :  ИС
ISBN :  978-5-4279-0065-4
Год выпуска : 2016

Объем :  104 стр.
Размеры (см) :  17X12
Тип переплета :  интегр. (тонкий картон)
Бумага :  Офсетная (белая)

Артикул :  23840

ЦЕНА: 150 руб.
Наличие:  В наличии
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Is there any point in submission without love? What is God's plan for the submission of wives to their husbands? And Who is the head of the husband? The apostle Paul teaches that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church and the head of the family. In the family the husband learns from Christ, and the pious wife gladly obeys this kind of husband. Is this how it is in our own families? This book is dedicated to all those who seek the ideal of a happy family life.
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