Homilies. Priest Daniel Sysoev (на английском языке)

Homilies. Priest Daniel Sysoev (на английском языке) - Священник Даниил Сысоев

Издатель :  Daniel Sysoev Inc. / New Jersey
Гриф ИС / Благословение :  ИС
ISBN :  978-5-4279-0003-4
Год выпуска : 2016

Объем :  286 стр.
Размеры (см) :  17X12
Тип переплета :  интегр. (тонкий картон)
Бумага :  Офсетная
Вес :  0.205 кг.

Артикул :  23827

ЦЕНА: 132 р 220 р
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The gift of eloquence is not given to everyone, and there are very few who have mastered the art of producing a homily that nourishes the mind of the listener and fi lls him with divine truth. This book is composed of the homilies given by Priest Daniel Sysoev in the church of the apostle Thomas. In reading these homilies fi lled with the spirit of joy, the reader will feel himself in the presence of a pastor who with all his strength preached to people the word of God, eternal and vital for all times.
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