Explanation of the Apocalypse

Explanation of the Apocalypse - Священник Даниил Сысоев

Издатель :  Daniel Sysoev Inc. / New Jersey
Гриф / Благословение :  ИС
ISBN :  978-5-4279-0068-5
Год выпуска : 2017

Объем :  362 стр.
Размеры (см) :  21X15
Тип переплета :  интегр. (тонкий картон)
Бумага :  Офсетная (белая)
Вес :  0.36 кг.

Артикул :  25477

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For many people the Apocalypse is associated with catastrophies and terrifying events, the coming of the antichrist, natural disasters, wars, and the end of the world. Given this attitude it is natural to wish for these events to be delayed as long as possible. But the Apocalypse, the last and most enigmatic book of the Bible, tells us that the end of the world is merely a sign of the swiftly approaching great and long-awaited triumph of good over evil, of deliverance from the power of the devil and death, as it is said: And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away (Rev. 21:4). Joy at the advent of eternal and gladsome life with God must overcome fear of the birth pangs of the new universe. In this work Priest Daniel Sysoev gives an accurate interpretation of this book of the Bible, in keeping with the Holy Tradition of the Orthodox Church, and expounds on the meaning of what lies concealed within its pages.
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