Questions to priest Daniel Sysoev (На английском языке)

Questions to priest Daniel Sysoev (На английском языке) - Священник Даниил Сысоев

Издатель :  Daniel Sysoev Inc. / New Jersey
Гриф ИС / Благословение :  ИС
ISBN :  978-5-4279-0067-8
Год выпуска : 2016

Объем :  205 стр.
Размеры (см) :  17X12
Тип переплета :  интегр. (тонкий картон)
Бумага :  Офсетная
Вес :  0.155 кг.

Артикул :  23831

ЦЕНА: 154 р 200 р
Наличие:  мало
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1763 начиная с 08.03.2019
On our spiritual journey, how often do we fi nd ourselves in need of a timely answer to this or that question that is troubling our soul. We believe that if we pray to God before asking advice from a priest, the Lord will give us the right answer by way of His servant. This book is comprised of answers to questions posed to Father Daniel during talks devoted to the explanation of the Bible. Father Daniel gives clear, logical answers to questions of a most interesting and vital nature.
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